I have mentioned some of the amazing features and head turners for the Gold WhatsApp. But now let’s dive deep and see what exactly this version is. Gold Whatsapp app is a modified version of WhatsApp, giving us more privacy and cool features, which are already mentioned above.

One lovely thing which I would like to mention is its Gold layout. It’s just like, wow. It gives a premium and deep, personalized feeling.

After testing it out, I can confidently say that it’s the most stable and perfectly modified version of the green WhatsApp. Number of downloads of more than 10 million around the globe speaks for itself. It has a rating of more than 4.8🌟, which means people are in love with this app.

This was just my love for this version, which I poured into the content. Now, let’s talk about some amazing stuff that every user dreams of having on WhatsApp. You can have multiple accounts all in one app. You can even schedule a message. You can set auto-reply. You can customize it, and many more things are mentioned below.

One more important feature that I personally like is direct messages. You don’t need to save numbers like in old age. Simply enter the number and send them a direct message while maintaining your privacy.

Multiple Accounts Management

Yes, you heard it right. Now, you can manage multiple accounts in a single WhatsApp. Without the fear of getting banned because it’s 100% safe.

Auto Reply Setup

Personally, I don’t use this feature frequently. But it is worth mentioning, as some business geeks will love the auto-reply set up in a single WhatsApp. You can schedule them or just add them as per your own preferences.

Customizable Animations and Themes

We all love customization as per our needs. And this app really takes care of this feature. It offers great customizable animations and themes.

So, you will never get bored and will never ever get the feeling of using the same things again and again.

One of my friends likes its original gold tone, but it all depends on your personal preferences.

So, feel free to try and experiment with different layouts as per your taste.

Offline Mode

Vanish without turning off the internet. You can go offline whenever you want to do so.

It’s amazing for gamers while gaming or focusing on a task without cutting off the internet of your mobile.

Scheduled Messaging

You can schedule the messages for your loved one. Never miss the anniversaries anymore.

You can schedule the messaging on selected dates, and they will automatically sent to the contact you want to share.

So, next time, you can chill with friends while making your love feel special. It’s a useful feature for couples, as my married brother uses it the most.

Enhanced Group Features

Groups are the most used feature of every version of WhatsApp. In Gold, they are enhanced and personalized. There are a lot of features and more controls compared to the simple version of WhatsApp. So, whether it’s a family group or a secret trip group of friends. You have everything in your hands.

Mass Messaging Options

Tired of sending messages one by one? Try Gold because it has mass massaging options. You can send a single message to more than 1000 people in a single click.

I used this feature when I was inviting everyone to my nephew’s birthday party, and it was amazing. I invited everyone within a few clicks.

Direct Messaging to Numbers

It’s 2024, the age of techies. Now you don’t need to save the numbers like old age time. Simply enter the number and send them direct messages.

These features save you time and avoid the mess of saving useless contacts just to contact them on WhatsApp.

Advanced Privacy Settings

Privacy is all we need. As WhatsApp is using our data for its own profits, it reads our messages and monitors everything. It’s the same as having a camera in the bathroom, which is awkward.

But the WhatsApp gold version has all the privileges we need and gives us the freedom to hide our privileges from these sneaky big companies.

Anti View Once Messaging

Something important in the message, and it vanishes when you see it? Now it’s no more with the Gold WhatsApp.

Because it has anti view once messaging, now you can see the one-time view messages sent by others whenever you want to see them.

This feature is very helpful, and it gives you peace of mind.

Enhanced App Lock

I love this feature too. I am a person who loves the privacy. This enhanced app lock will help you to lock your desired chats and keep them hidden.

So, you will never be in trouble if you have more than two GFs. You will always be in safe hands whenever someone checks your messages.

Special Gold WA Theme Store

The most loved features by its users. The special Gold WA theme store is where you can get everything you dreamed of.

Font Styles and Emoji

If you are a person who loves customization like changing font styles and emojis, then this features will be perfect for your needs.

With WhatsApp Gold you can change fonts and emojis as per your taste and needs.

Universal Settings

You can change universal settings as per your needs and taste. Like changing the startup screen logo, or theme or whatever you wanted to change.

This features is one of the most useful features of Gold version.

Customized Message Bubble and Tick

Gold WhatsApp allows you to change message bubble and the Blue Tick. You can design your own own message bubble or you can also choose from presets.

You can also change the color of blue tick and also change it’s Arrow with emoji of whatever you like.

Backup and Restore

Backup of chats is the most important thing and now Gold version also offers the chat backup to google drive or local devices.

You can use the backup for later use of to restore the chats when you change phone or your data gets lost.

Each features have it’s own uniqueness to Gold WhatsApp. It’ not about just having a chat app, it’s about the privacy and having more controls in your hands in style. That’s what make WhatsApp Gold APK different and everyone’s favorite. Just give it a try and mark my words fall in love with in.

Below I have mentioned more features of Gold WhatsApp in comparison to original WhatsApp which is created by meta.

FeaturesGold WhatsApp APKOfficial WhatsApp
File Size LimitNo Limit100 MB
Status Characters Limit300 Characters139 Characters
Group Capacity600 Members256 Members
Video to GIF Conversion Limit30 Seconds6 Seconds
Video Status Limit5 Minutes30 Seconds
Pin Chats Maximum10003
Image Share Limit100 Images30 Images
Forward Limit250 Messages30 Messages
Additional Privacy OptionsYesNo
Theme CustomizationUnlimitedLimited
Sticker LibraryUnlimitedLimited

To download WhatsApp Gold APK for free from our website, follow these simple steps:

  1. Click on the download button for WhatsApp Gold APK.
  2. If you have restrictions, you will see a third party app warning, Simple click on OK and continue.
  3. Whene the download is complete, go to ‘Downloads‘ folder or wherever you saved the APK file.
  4. Click on the downloaded APK file to begin the installation process.
  5. Turn on the ‘Unknown Sources‘ option by going into the device security setting.
  6. Your phone may again prompt you with a security warning, click ‘Install‘ to continue.
  7. After the installation is complete, open WhatsApp Gold from your app drawer and follow the on-screen instructions to set up your account.
App NameGold WhatsApp
App Size79MB
Android Requirement4.3+
LicenseFully Unlocked
Total Downloads29,56,966+
Old Versions of Gold WhatsAppYes
Pros ✅Cons ❌
✅Enhanced Privacy Features

❌Not available on Playstore
✅Unlimited Customization
✅Extended Functionalities
✅Regular Updates
✅Available on PC (Download Now)

Here are some of the most frequently asked question related to gold version of WhatsApp.

What is difference between Gold WhatsApp APK and official WhatsApp?

Gold WhatsApp is a modified version of official WhatsApp and offers more enhanced features like privacy customization and a lot more. I have discussed all features in details in my website. Don’t forget to read them.

Is it possible to run Gold WhatsApp and official WhatsApp on the same device?

Yes, you can use both applications at same time on the same device, but it’s recommended to use different phone numbers for each.

How can I ensure that my download of Gold WhatsApp is safe?

Always download Gold WhatsApp from the official website (whatsapk.gold) to avoid security risks from unofficial sources.

Is using Gold WhatsApp lead to a ban from the official WhatsApp?

This is the most asked question from my visitors. The answer is No, you account will not get banned. WhatsApp officially announced a crack down against GB WhatsApp users. Gold version is safest and best among all.

Are updates for Gold WhatsApp automatically installed?

No, updates for Gold WhatsApp need to be manually downloaded and installed from the official website, as it’s not available on app stores. But there is a good news, I regularly provide updates versions so keep checking my website frequently thanks.

What is Black Gold WhatsApp?

Black version of Gold WhatsApp is just a theme not a separate version. From it’s thousand of theme it’s one of the most popular theme. Black Gold WhatsApp give a rich feel with classic black and gold combination.

Is WhatsApp Gold available for Web?

No, WhatsApp Gold is not available for web. This feature is only available to official WhatsApp.